storywriter84 (storywriter84) wrote,

My testing/interview thing starts it just over three hours and I'm starting to freak out.

I have a lot of stuff to do between now and then and it takes about an hour to get there.  And I haven't eaten breakfast yet.  I just have to get going and do it.  But my mind is freaking out right now.  I'm not worried about the testing.  They're trying to find out if I'm proficient in English and Math.  And I am.  I'll be okay.

But the interview is like this big, super scary monster. 

After all the scary is over, I'm probably going to dinner with my sister.  I don't see her enough.  She and my parents still aren't talking.  But if they think that I don't stop to visit with her when I'm out that way, then they're crazy.  I'm sure they realize, even if they won't say anything.  And if they asked, I'd probably lie anyway.

That's right, 27 years old and still lying to my parents about who I'm spending time with!  Pathetic.

Back to the interview.  I'm prepared as I'm gonna be.  Time to shower and find nice clothes.  Grab something to eat and get out of here.




Tags: 2012, culinary school, real life
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