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Now that I've had time to calm down, I want to tell everyone what's been going on.

At the end of July, I visited a Culinary school.  It was awesome.  I took my two best friends with me and it was an all around awesome day.

I sent an application in.  On the website, it said that after they received the application, an answer would be sent within two weeks.  So I waited.  And then I got a letter, letting me know that they received my application and all other paperwork that they needed.  The two weeks had started.

And I waited.

And I waited.

I called my Mom everyday and asked her to check the mail.  Nothing.

Not a letter or a post card or anything.

Yesterday I was off work.  The mail came and there was nothing from the school.  It's been a month.  Obviously, something is going on or it was lost in the mail.  Or something.  I called the Admissions office.  I was put on hold for ten minutes only to find out that they feel I need to take the Entrance Exam and do an interview.

I'm sorry, but why couldn't they just call me and ask me to come in.  Or send another letter telling me these things.  My GPA wasn't as high as they would have liked and they are on the fence.  But I'm still up for consideration.  And the sooner I get accepted (or not) the sooner I can get stuff done.  If I get in, there's stuff that needs taken care of - especially looking for a lot of scholarships and grants that I could qualify for.  If I don't get in, then I need to figure something else out.  I'm technically find where I'm at (I've been working at the same hotel for six and a half years.  The Manager (my friend that I call Bosslady) actually found a different job.  (Better pay and BENEFITS.  GO BOSSLADY)  I'm actually technically-without-actually-being the manager.  Despite that I haven't gotten a pay rise or a title or anything. 

So on the 12th, I have to go in and take an exam.  It's Math and English.  I have a feeling it will be a lot like the test I took when I went to that school for movie making.  If that's the case, I passed that test.  I'm not worried about the exam.

The interview is another story.  I've done job interviews, but this is different.  At least I feel it is. 

I'm going to try and not worry about it until Monday, so I don't give myself an ulcer or something.  Not that I'm prone that them, but you never know. 

I was really pissed most of yesterday afternoon.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Talk to you later.

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