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My friend and I are going on a trip to New Jersey this week - just an overnight thing.  We're going to a book signing on Tuesday in Moorestown, NJ.  Janet Evanovich is signing copies of her new book WICKED BUSINESS.  Then on Wednesday, we're driving up to Hoboken and going to Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss) again and we found out there's a Crumbs (cupcake bakery) down the street - literally like four blocks.  Then we're driving back. 

Question - Would it be weird to wear a "PA HEARTS ME" Shirt?  I'm sure no one would say anything, but I always think it's weird when someone wears a football jersey or something from another part of the country at the hotel.  I probably won't pack it.  I hate packing anyway!

Everyone have a good week - with the trip and the writing, I doubt I'll be on much.
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