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I'm writing today.

I've been so sidetracked with financial stuff and family stuff.  And finding a part-time job stuff.  I've been neglecting my writing.

Update on the banking thing - I'm kind of over the job.  They marked me as "not hired" before I sent in the additional application they asked for.  My dad said that sometimes companies will do that because Careerlink (the job site) will bug them about it.  So, while it's still a possibility, I'm kind of over it.  There's a couple part-time jobs that look promising (and they have benefits - which I don't have now.  So there'll be more money overall and medical insurance.)

Poppet just texted me, so I'll probably be going out tonight, but I'm taking my notebook with me since people look at me weird when I take my laptop places.

Have a great day, everyone!
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